Naturally preserves taste and extends shelf life

FRESHCARE® absorbs all oxygen contained within the packaging

• Oxygen is the main cause of deterioration

• The speed of food deterioration is influenced by the presence of oxygen

• Results with FRESHCARE® – An oxygen free atmosphere in food packaging

FRESHCARE® prevents:

1. Mould & Aerobic bacteria growth

2. Fat oxidation & Rancidity

3. Discoloration

4. Insect growth


Benefits of using FRESHCARE®

Health and taste

• Less use of both natural and artificial preservatives like salt, sugar, acids, anti-oxidants

Healthier food products. Necessity to manipulate sugar, salt or acid levels used with the objective to slow down aerobic microbe growth becomes obsolete.

• Ability to use easy oxidizing ingredients such as unsaturated fats, fresh butter etc, maintaining shelf life

FRESHCARE® allows for the use of healthy fats instead of saturated fats, contributing to a healthier diet.

• Healthier products with natural flavor and better taste

Conventionally packed food products suffer from continuous oxidization, resulting in a degradation of taste and flavor. Products packed with FRESHCARE® maintain their natural flavor and taste.

• New claims and innovations

New products and marketing claims can be introduced relating to natural taste, healthy nutrition, and use of less or no preservatives.

Shelf life

• Geographic & supply chain optimization

A longer shelf life opens a window of opportunities for geographic expansion and supply chain optimization.

• Reducing levels of product returns and waste

A longer shelf life can significantly reduce levels of product returns and waste.

• Increased production speed & efficiency

FRESHCARE® can be applied at high speed in the production process. You no longer need a long treatment of gasflushing and vacuum packing. FRESHCARE® and flow packing equipment work very well together and secure a constant level of oxygen of <0.1%. FRESHCARE® can also be combined with gas flushing, maintaining a buffer of 0.1% oxygen guarantee in the distribution chain.



Protective effects of FRESHCARE® on food products

Prevention of mould growth

Laboratory results demonstrate that gas flushed products (CO2/N2) do not iradicate mould. This is not the case with FRESHCARE®, which totally prevents mould growth. Residual oxygen inside the food product can be completely absorbed by FRESHCARE® whereas MAP technologies like gas flushing are incapable in doing so.

Prevention of discoloration

Most foods discolor due to presence of oxygen. Processed meat is especially vulnerable to this. FRESHCARE® stops discoloration of food products, maintaining freshness.

Preservation of taste, flavor and nutrition

Taste and flavor deteriorate due to oxidation of nutrients (vitamines etc.) contained in food. FRESHCARE® ensures taste, flavor and nutritive elements are preserved.

Prevention of fat oxidation & rancidity

Oil and fats in food react with oxygen and cause deterioration (rancidity). The reaction is accelerated when the product is exposed to natural and artificial light. FRESHCARE® prevents fat oxidation to preserve quality and taste, allowing for the use of transparent packaging.

Prevention of damage by insects

FRESHCARE® completely eliminates growth of insects and their eggs. Gas flushing and other fumigation techniques often prove to be ineffective.

Continuous oxygen absorption

Gas flushing is a physical one-time factory process. In the distribution channel, oxygen may penetrate through the packaging, increasing the oxygen concentration. FRESHCARE® continuously absorbs oxygen which permeates through the packaging until saturated.


Safety of using FRESHCARE®

The use of FRESHCARE® is approved in EU, US, Japan, Asia and NZ/AUS. The content of FRESHCARE® is non-toxic and harmless if accidentally consumed. To illustrate, table salt is more toxic for the human body than the content of FRESHCARE®.  

FRESHCARE® versus current packaging techniques

1. Vacuum

May change the texture/shape of food products. Can’t keep <0.1% of oxygen (O2).

> FRESHCARE® maintains oxygen levels at a constant level of <0.1% and there are no problems with changing texture/shape.

2. Gas flushing with nitrogen (N2)

Does not inhibit mould effectively. Can’t keep <0.1% of oxygen (O2).

> FRESHCARE® maintains oxygen levels at a constant level of <0.1% and stops mould growth.

3. Gas flushing with carbon dioxide (CO2)

May cause an acidic taste and smell. Can’t keep <0.1% of oxygen (O2).

> FRESHCARE® maintains oxygen levels at a constant level of <0.1% and does not affect taste or smell.

FRESHCARE® can be used in a wide variety of food groups including:

Results of FRESHCARE®